Arts and Culture Writing Workshop

The British Council and Mixer are organising an Arts and Culture Writing Workshop for emerging art writers who focus on visual arts.

The British Council is organising an Arts and Culture Writing Workshop for emerging art writers who focus on visual arts.

This workshop will be the first of a series of workshops on arts and culture writing organised by the British Council during major artistic events, and covering a wide range of art forms.

This edition, organised with the support of Mixer aims to develop the professional skills of art writers from Turkey and help them expose their works on Visual Arts to wider audiences, locally and internationally.

Deadline for the open call is 10 August.


With the field of the contemporary art now covering everything from performance and dance to experimental music, how is it possible for criticism to remain both expert and accessible? 

This intensive, practical programme will focus on developing the skills required to write about art today. The course will take the form of lectures, workshops, writing exercises, and group discussions. Participants will visit exhibitions including the Istanbul Biennial in the company of the course leader, write reviews, discuss the results during focused workshops, and learn the tools required to develop their writing, critical, and editing skills. They will be introduced to different modes of critical writing, taking into account the intended site of publication and audience. 

The course is led by Ben Eastham, the London-based art critic and editor with The White Review, art-agenda and documenta 14. He will offer individual guidance to each participant, and will undertake to edit and provide feedback on a new piece of their writing.

You may reach detailed information through the link.