Critical Reading Workshop

February 9, 2019 Saturday
Artwriting  events continue with the workshop moderated by Rana Kelleci and Özgenur Geris simultaneous with the ‘Green Mold’ exhibition. 

Reading material will be Emre Zeytinoğlu’s article ‘New Popularization in Art’ that was also the inspiration for the exhibition and there will be a discussion and though process about forms that art critic can evolve. The workshop will be a medium to extend our perception of art critic’s definition, to think upon art and to acknowledge the ways to express ideas and will be held as a single session.

The workshop doesn’t require any preconditions or foreknowledge and  will be limited by 20 people.  Workshop’s aim is to make individual’s to become mentally more effective during and after the reading process; by the end of the reading searching and examination methods will be reviewed. Also, another aim is to make the participants gain a systematic questioning habit.

Participants are expected to have read and examined the article beforehand. You can reach the Dr.Emre Zeytinoğlu’s article from the link below.


The workshop is free.


Application Deadline : February 8, 2019 Friday

Date : February 9, 2019 Saturday 

Time : 13:00 - 14.00

Place : Mixer: Mumhane Caddesi, No:46-50, Karaköy, Beyoglu, Istanbul, TURKEY


Workshop Hosts

Özgenur Geris : Geris who graduated from İstanbul Kültür University, Arts Management Department continues her studies in Communication Arts Department of the same university. Geris was the cocurator of ‘Futurepast’ exhibition which was organized in the extend of the 4th Ural Biennial, ‘Carpet Like A Russian’ exhibition which was a parallel event to 2017 Istanbul Biennial and ‘Heterotopia’ exhibition that took place in Rem Art Space in 2017. Geriş continues her curatorial work in İstanbul.

Rana Kelleci : Kelleci continues his Master’s degree in Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design Faculty in Sabancı University. She focuses on the mediums of photograph, video and  installation. Also, she examines Contemporary art; her writings of fiction, research and examination gets published in Unlimited, Milliyet Sanat, 5Harfliler.