From New Production To New Essay

May 2 - May 16, 2019

Deadline: 27.04.2019

Mixer has continued its ArtWriting Turkey projects with another workshop. In the workshop that was held by art historian and critique Nazlı Pektaş, participants wrote on a young artist’s production practices and works. The workshop aims to bring together of the artists from different disciplines and was two sessions. The first session was held on Thursday, May 2 and it was analyzed the artist’s progress of production. Also, the subjects of assignment were decided in the first session. On Thursday, May 16 the second session continued with discussions on writings and feedbacks. At the end of the workshop, writings were edited and published online.

You are asked to state your purpose of application, your expectations, topics that you are interested in writing (maximum 1500 character), and one of your previous writings as you fill the application form.

The workshop quota: 7 persons.

It is obligatory to attend both of the sessions.

The workshop will be in Turkish.

Click here for Application Form.